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Kickstarter rewards are shipped -- the next phase begins

November 23, 2015 Sam Greenspan

We are happy to announce we've sent out all of the rewards to Kickstarter backers around the country. (Although we are still waiting on a few people to give us their addresses.) And now, we are moving onto the next phase. Emoji Cards are starting to show up in retail stores around the country, on Amazon and now on this very website. We're stocked with inventory and ready to have an amazing holiday season as more and more people discover the Emoji Cards phenomenon.

Emoji Cards is featured in the Time Out New York holiday gift guide!

November 16, 2015 Sam Greenspan

Emoji Cards is featured in the Time Out New York holiday gift guide!

Got a call this morning from a friend in NYC. "Did you know Emoji Cards is featured in Time Out New York's holiday gift guide?" We didn't! But he sent us a photo, and we're really in there. Fantastic! HUGE shoutout to West Side Kids (WestsideKidsNYC.com) for showing off our game to the reporter. Everyone buy everything from them.

Rewards, surveys and continued thanks

September 28, 2015 Sam Greenspan

Hello! Greetings from Spicy Doodle Headquarters in lovely Long Beach, CA. We know we’ve been radio silent for a little while, but that’s only because we’ve been burning the midnight (and early morning, and late afternoon) oil sorting out our Emoji Cards manufacturing. Thanks for continued patience and support. The good news is: we now have 1,000+ units of Emoji Cards printed, packaged, and ready to ship to you, our steadfast Kickstarter supporters. Keep an eye on your inboxes and Kickstarter profiles, as we’ll be issuing a questionnaire shortly for backers to fill out in order to receive their rewards....

Day 1

July 24, 2015 Sam Greenspan

What a great feeling waking up this morning knowing that Emoji Cards is now underway with all of your help!  $20,809 from 251 of you - wow and wow.  Such a crazy day yesterday with the last contribution from Tom S. coming in with two minutes remaining!  We thank you again for the magic of a community of friends coming together to make goodness happen. :)   Our day was exciting - finalizing the artwork for the last emojis, getting ready to ask some of you for your suggestions for new ones, and reworking those clever clues.  The box is...

OMG you did it!!! :)

July 23, 2015 Sam Greenspan

We are in awe right now of the power of new friends, dear friends, and family. Thanks to all of you we just reached our $20,000 Kickstarter target in the last hour!  Emoji Cards began as a scribble and a dream a few months ago, but now we're underway to make a card game that will bring folks together for hours of fun :) You are all amazing, and as a way to share our gratitude, each and every one one of you will get a signed, limited edition (only for Kickstarter contributors) thank you emoji card.  You deserve it!...